Match Made in Heaven

Alessandra Ferri ja Roberto Bolle. New York:in skyline taustalla. Voiko enää olla upeampaa? Paitsi että Ferrillä on ehkä baletin kauneimmat jalat, ja Bolle on muutenkin varsinainen hottis.. Huh. Niin ja New York - sinne on päästävä vielä tanssimaan (siis tunneille). Joku teistä on varmaan käynytkin?

Valokuva: Fabrizio Ferri.


  1. Have to admit, Bolle is darn good looking.
    Didn't have a chance to visit the NYC dance scene this spring, but Finis Jhung teaches at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and he has open classes every week if you're interested. And private classes too for like 150 dollars...Just had my first class here in Finland, and the teacher told me to go back to beginner's class before I come back. Do you still take J1 on Wednesdays? :( Oh well, I guess it wouldn't hurt.

  2. Hi Noora!

    You´re back in Finland? Yay! :))) I actually just came back from J1 ballet class, but it was the first time in a long time. Have had lots of breaks in between. Only class I never missed was Friday with M-P (except for one work trip). J1 ballet is performing last weekend of May, well part of the class anyway. Today teacher asked me if I want to.. Right. I´m so out of shape, barely can remember the 2nd half of the dance and the recital is like in 10 days. I said I would have to think about it.. :)

    I´m sorry you didn´t get to take class in NYC. Finis Jhung I would love to try out, but I hear he teaches a more basic class to adults? But I would defnitely go to Steps and Joffrey..

    Where are you taking class now? Who told you to take beginner´s class? Didn´t you take much harder classes in the States? But of course, it never hurts. Hey, if pros can take basic class.. ;)

    Email me if you like at PointeTilYouDrop@gmail.com

    Nice having you back!

  3. oi oi, Ferri ja ♥ nilkan kaari ♥

    ihana kuva ja pari!

  4. ja pitää vielä lisätä että huh mitkä lihakset Ferrilla jaloissa...